Can I backup my NAS drives on my network to my local My Cloud drives with smartware?

Can I backup my NAS drives on my network to my local network My Cloud drives with smartware?

Yes. But you will need all the NAS devices including the My Cloud on the same local network and you will have to configure Smartware to backup folders/drive you choose. You may want to read the Smartware User Manual ( if you haven’t already. Or see the embedded help in the Smartware program. You may also need to “map” the NAS drives you want to back up as well to make things a bit easier.

And of course you will have to leave the PC with Smartware installed on so it can perform the copy/backup from the NAS drives to the My Cloud.

If Smartware doesn’t backup the way you want there are a number of free and paid third party backup programs that may work including Free File Sync (

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WD Smartware Pro not seeing network drives as a Backup Source.

Hi Bennor,

I says I have Smartware Pro ( didn’t have to sign ip for a free trial or purchase a license) but it doesn’t see my network drives as a Backup Source, weather they are mapped or not?

I have print screens but can’t seem to add them to this thread.

Haven’t used Smartware in ages (no longer have it installed). but from what I remember there was the option to select the folders/files to back up rather than using the default backup option within Smartware. The Smartware User Manual ( makes mention of changing the backup source (although it doesn’t mention any other drive than “C:”. See page 48 step 5 then either step 8 or 9 on subsequent pages.

If Smartware won’t see non internal hard drives then one could try using third party backup software that support accessing network attached storage devices.