Can i back up from 2 different volumes to a WD My Book Duo?

Hi All,

I bought an 8 tb My Book Duo to back up image files that are stored on both my C drive and H drive ( external my passport 1.5 tb ). When i bought the My book Duo, the vendor assured me that I could do this. Now looking at the user manual, it appears that my book duo asks me to choose only One source drive to backup.

can i do this with the existing My Book Duo and bundled Smartware software?

can I do this using Windows backup or Synctoy software, designating the my book Duo as the destination?

( running win 7 64 bit pro)

Welcome to the Community.

WD SmartWare does not perform image backups. It will only copy regular files and folders while ignoring special, system, and application files. 

You can use Windows Backup and Microsoft SyncToy with your WD My Book Duo. However, I am not aware if those applications can include external volumes as well since I have only backup or sync my main data drive when needed and not my system drive.