Can I back up a firewire drive to mycloud?

I am thinking about buying a mycloud.

But I still have a question.

I have have all my videos and pictures currently stored on a WD mybook firewire drive.

Am I going te be able to backup these files directly from my firewire drive to the mycloud stored at another location?

So when using using a mac is the myCloud showing up as a connected network drive in finder?

Thanks a lot,

You have to be clear here. It won’t be “directly” because you won’t connect the MC to the FW drive, but the FW drive to your computer, and from your computer you would access the FW drive to copy to MC through the network. That’s far from direct.

Also, what do you mean with “another location”? Do you mean another room or a completely different location away from your local network? Both will work because it allows remote access, just nowhere near as fast.