Can I auto-play all movie clips in a folder other than via USB?

I have a 2TB ReadyNAS server that I use to stream my media to my WD TV Live Hub via DLNA.

I have 4 short trailers (DTS, THX, DCS, and a custom HT intro clip) that I would like to have play in order without pausing or bringing up a menu from my server prior to starting a Blu-Ray movie.  I even named them A-DTS.vob, B-THX.vob, C-DCS.vob, D-Intro.vob so they will play in the correct order.

I know this can be done using a USB thumb drive + “auto-play” enabled, but is it possible to get this to work from my server?


Create a playlist.

I searched the entire manual for how to create a video playlist and came up empty.  I did see some info on  audio only but nothing on video.  The manual’s index was also no help.

How do I create a video playlist?  Thanks  (n00b) 


OK, nevermind.  I searched the forum and found a few solutions in another forum area.  Seems you can’t do it internally in the WD TV Live Hub (AFAIK), you have to make your playlists externally then import them or place them in the same folder as the files you want to play.  I am going to try to use notepad to create a m3u list file and see how it works.