Can i at least salvage the HD to use in another device and throw out the rest?

This device is totally worthless. Its only value is to harvest the drive itself. (If possible)

I have a 2TB My Cloud and it was totally worth every cent i paid for it … couldn’t be happier with it after 4 years or more

If you posted in the wrong forum and bought a My Cloud Home … then i would understand :wink:

Anyways, sure … you can shuck the hard drive and format it for use with something else. (it will be formatted EXT4, so unless you’re using it with Linux, you’ll need to format it)

What specific My Cloud device do you have? What problems are you having with it?

One can “shuck” (remove) the My Cloud internal hard drive and use that drive in another device or computer. Plenty of YouTube videos out there showing how to shuck these devices. Note that because of the way the My Cloud hard drive is formatted (using Linux) that one may have to use special software or drivers if one one wants to still access the hard drive contents in Microsoft Windows. Or if one doesn’t want to salvage the data on the drive then the drive can be reformatted (via the computer one attaches it to) to what ever format one desires.