Can I allocate Menu music to special folder

Hi all,

Im a new member of the wd live box and its great how it`s work.

Is it possible to allocate the menu point “Music” from the main menu to only one folder on my network hdd?

Everytime when I access my externel network drive , I will get acces to all folders on the hdd.

So all menu points like music, video, photo are starting with the root folder on my disk.

I hope you understand what I would like to do.



I apologize Tom, but i tried to understand the issue, or question but i could not understand. Could you please specify ?

When I browse through the main menu from the media player I saw on every menupoint the whole network hdd.

e.g. my network hdd is connected with \sharemp3

in the folder share there are subfolders




Now, when I go in the main menu, I saw in every topic the whole subfolders,

I would like to connect

“music” only to \share\mp3

"video to \share\film

and so on.

'I hope it descriped it a little better.


 have the same issue… I suspect its how the folders are setup. can anyone give some guidence?

I have no reason to be believe it is possible to do, I haven’t found anyway to do it

I added it to Ideas

and I think others a asking for basically the same functionality just have to wait and see what and when WD will put out in new firmware

Actually, my problem is different…

I am using the WD live to connect to a media server, (mediatomb running on ubuntu) and when I select, for example, video, I see all the sub folders available on mediatomb, Video, music, images etc. If I select music, I see the same sub folders available. So its not selecting a share for me, but configuring so the media server is serving up the content selectively based on the option selected (Video, Music, Photos etc.). 

Other than running multiple instances of mediatomb, any ideas on how I can configure this?