Can I add metadata to my shows and videos?

I have a WD TV Live ( this model) and use only a Western Digital 1TB external hard drive ( this hard drive, to be exact) hooked up via USB.

Currently, I only have videos on there. They are separated into three folders: Movies, TV Shows, and Home Videos. Movies has no further subdirectories, just all the files. Same with Home Videos.

TV Shows, on the other hand, then has subdirectories for each show. For example, Seinfeld has its own folder. Within that folder are all the episodes for that show, named “### Title” (e.g. 101 Pilot).

Is there any way to attach metadata to any of the videos? Even better, is there a way to do it automatically (for TV shows and movies, anyway)?

I searched the forums and read the manual, but can’t seem to figure out what would seem to be very simple. Thanks!

I should point out that I was able to get metadata for movies. However, TV shows return nothing. I’ve tried the Seinfeld.S09E17 and Seinfeld S09E17 naming conventions and neither work. I’m selecting TVDB as my source.

I’d also be interested in adding metadata to my home videos.

Hopefully this thread will be helpful for a newcomer to metadata. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Name the files Show - S##E## - Title
  2. Download and run Tony’s XML Fetcher via
  3. Follow the documentation on his site (because mine are from DVD, I’ve selected Use DVD Ordering. I haven’t selected any other options at this point.)
  4. Load the XML, then save the series (all of my episodes are in the same directory).
  5. Should be all set!

The only thing I can’t quite figure out is that the display on the WD TV shows the episode thumbnail squished, and it doesn’t look the best. It’d be nice to crop or something, but I suppose I could use Use SEASON ART as Cover Art (Instead of Episode Art) and it would partially solve that annoyance.

Now onto figuring out home videos!

[EDIT] I did not check Save Backdrops Locally, but when I look at my external hard drive, the backdrops were saved after using the WD TV (they weren’t there before I plugged it back into the WD TV).