Can i access pdf, word, excel files remotely?

i have a small office and iam wondering if i get this machine will i be able to access my pdf, word, excel files that stored on it?
i want to use my cellphone (iphone) or my laptop (windows 8) to view files, iam not interested in photos, videos.
just pdf,word,excel files.
so should i buy this machine? or something else that gives me what i want?


Do you want to edit the word and excel files, or just open it to look? The reason why I ask this is because you can open all of those files if you have a software that can read those files on your phone or laptop. If you want to edit it, you might need to download your files, edit them, then upload back in order to save the files. I see that you want My Cloud EX4, I don’t think that is a good idea as it has slow processor. I think you should choose one from this lists: WD EX2 ultra(almost equivalent to WD EX2100), WD EX2100(same processor and RAM as WD EX2 ultra, but more expensive) WD EX4100, WD DL2100 or WD DL4100. So basically, EX2 Ultra, EX4100, DL2100 or DL4100. These all should allow you to read your documents files using your cellphone and laptop.