Can I access iTunes from my iMac with WD TV Live?

I have the WD TV Live networked and my iMac sees the WD TV Live, and I can transfer files to/from the passport hd, but when I >Music > the Network Shares I get the message “This Network Share Can not Be Accessed”. I thought maybe I could access iTunes from my iMac this way. Am I right or wrong? I guess I can transfer those songs to the passport and do it from the hard drive but I didn’t want to do that step.

Check the settings on your network because you should be able to do that.

Guess I don’t know what you mean. The settings that I use to connect  iMac to the WD connect the two. From my iMac I can see all the stuff on my Passport HD.  I just can’t get the WD to see my iTunes on my iMac even tho the folder where iTunes is stored is named music. What I’m trying to understand is should the WD be able to play my iTunes from my iMac?