Can hackers disable your My Book?

Hi - I was wondering if hackers can disable external hard drives somehow? My My Book died awhile back (unable to read) and now my brand-new DVD player isn’t reading either. I have had lots of problems with malicious hackers. Is there anyway to determine if my hard drive crash might be a hacker/software problem?

Ok, Even though is possible for someone with extensive computer knowledge to access either your or someone else computer’s  I don’t think that the problem you are having. Unless you got CIA classified documents in there.

Now, going into the real problem you could be having a power issue or a motherboard issue, test your DVD player with another computer if possible also test the drive with a different computer and a different power adapter.

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What OS and is your OS and AV up to date and do you use a firewall? Have you ran MBAM free ? That should eliminate viruses and malware. 


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Thanks for the tips guys. I just have a hard time believing that both of my drives - a 2-year-old My Book and a brand-new DVD player - would both crash at the same time. Is there anyway to determine if this is a corrupted software problem?