Can for the life of me not connect to dashboard on mac


Hello all… Murphy’s law. Luckily enough I am trying out my wireless before I go on my trip on 28 april 2018. I am traveling in Europe and don’t want to log laptop around. I do have the wireless passport so it should not be a problem. Except I do not get to my dashboard. I do have things on the disk, I have used it before. For some reason, it does not want to connect to the mac desktop, so I can not get to my dashboard. I use an ipad, iphone and desktop. Phone can see the disk, and contents. I have downloaded some of of my bought itunes movies and tv series, those do not want to play, so what is the point of having the wireless if I can only play hacked stuff…
My main problem for now is that I do not get to the dashboard on the mac, with the mypassport.local nor the ip address. I have connection between disk and phone via wifi, but when I try to play a song from passport on phone it won’t let me, it says this can not stream while off line. Image me being on a plane thinking I have all my music, trying to play it, yet it says off line, while there is an obvious connection via wifi between disk and phone. When I hook it up with the usb cable to my desktop it will play the music in itunes…
Whenever I get to the first screen after having reset the disk, it says username admin, but won’t let me give in any password and gives the message “not authorized”.
What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated. I am working easier with a chatbox or phone support, but somehow can’t reach them either. The phone (an 800 nr) works till I hit the language choice and then disconnects. AAAAgggrrrrrrrr… HEEEELLLPPPP


Hi catherinelucas,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.


Fixed it… Reformatted the drive to ex fat and all problems solved… Now all I need to crack is the system to stream video to iphone and ipad…