Can find movie info but not TV prog info

hi- i have a problem getting any info for tv programmes.whenever i click" get content info" no content is found.when i click on choose content source only themoviedb meta source is shown not the tv one.Anyone help?

Name your shows like this:

TV Series Name.SxxExx.ext

What if you have the DVD of a TV show that has several episodes on one disk. For example, Weeds, season 6, disk 1. Is there a way to get the content info for the disk of a TV show that has not been separated into individual episodes?

Not via the WD…  but there are tricks.

Let’s assume the DVD has 4 episodes on it;  episodes 4 thru 7 of a series.

I create the ISO, and name it

TV Show.S01E04.iso

Then I create three symbolic links (in Linux) for the other episodes:

TV Show.S01E05.iso  -> TV Show.S01E04.iso 

TV Show.S01E06.iso  -> TV Show.S01E04.iso 

TV Show.S01E07.iso  -> TV Show.S01E04.iso 

… so each episode is an individual virtual file, all of which are actually the same DVD.

Symlinks only occupy a few bytes…

Thanks a lot Tony! I never would have thought of that.