Can Files from WD My Cloud be saved to Ext SD Card with Anroid KitKat 4.4.2

I have lots of music & video on MyBookLive & would like to download to my Samsung Galaxy S4 &/Or Note 10.1

However limited memory on device so rely on the additional SD cards on both.

However with New KitKat 4.4.2 android I know there are restrictions, developer only access for files & folders.

Is there a a way for WD My Cloud to allow saving or downloading to an SD folder.

I can copy direct via PC USB but this defeat the object.

I am very upset that google has caused this problem.

Thanks I/A

At the moment is only possible to copy to the internal phone memory.

You can try to submit this as a Feature Request.

Make sure to check that this has not already been submitted by other users.

If it has, then vote for the idea in order for it to gain traction on the community.

WD considers and implements most popular ideas.