Can anyone tell me where media player finds video file name

Hi. Some of the movie file names from my hard drive are not the same name on my WD media player. The title the media player uses is the same name displayed on the movie file “properties detail” name. Even when I change both the hard drive file name and the “properties detail” file name there is no change to the WD media player name displayed. Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

Are you using USB/NAS Storage, or DLNA to access the media?

Hello - I use a single 2 TB hard drive connected by USB cable directly to the front or back USB slot on the WD Live box. Thanks

If you’re using the Media Library function, it’s probably extracting the name from the metadata inside the file.

Have you tried clearing the media library to reset file names once you change property details name? I usually have a problem with mp4 files re file names.
Setup>System>Media Library>Clear