Can anyone see their USB HD on their network?

I upgraded to firmware .17 tonight since it popped up, but now it seems I’ve taken a step backwards again.

A coupld days ago when I clicked on Netowrk in Win7, I could actually see the default name of the WD TV LIVE device (I think it was called WDTVLIVE) but not my attached USB HD (a WD 2TB hard drive no less).

I was hoping I could copy my ripped 40gb blu-ray movies down easily instead of using the interface inside of the WD to copy things from nework shares as it’s slow as heck to navigate and can’t do multiple files, etc.

Cany ANYONE see their attached USB HD drive on their network and if so, what did you do to make that happen?

Of course I now can’t even see the silly WD TV LIVE device on my network after the latest firmware upgrade :slight_smile:

If anyone who has been frustrated with this device found a replacement, let me know.  There are TONS coming out now and I still have 20 days to return this :confused:

NOTE:  WB TV LIVE is back on my Network view, so the firmware didn’t affect it…I think it just takes quite a while to register for whatever reason…like literally over a minute :slight_smile:

But still cannot see the WD HD attached to the USB port although I have no issues seeing my network shares and all the permissions work fine, etc. so wondering why I can’t see in reverse :confused:

I never thought about it, but do I need to hook the external drive back to my PC and set sharing on the entire drive/volume (not even sure if you can do it on the volume level)?  At any rate, I should be able to actually see the device name at the very least, even if there are no sharing permissions…

I have had no problem seeing my external harddrive on firmware 12 - I haven’t yet patched to 17.

Hopefully it still works then.

Actually, I didn’t realize that it won’t show up by default.

But I added it as a mapped network drive to:


The default name of the device is WDTVLIVE and I named the drive Media Stream so it automatically includes an underscore to find it…

So you should just go to run and type [\edtvlive](file://%5C%5Cedtvlive) and see if yours shows up…

I am attaching the USB HD to the USB port on the wireless router.  Then I attach the wireless router via hard cable, I cannot or see the USB HD on WD TV live.  Did u doing the same?

i can’t see my MEDIA SERVERS on my WDTV?

when i hit VIDEO>MEDIA SERVERS>BRUCE-PC it says “No Media in the current folder”

but when i go to VIDEO>NETWORK SHARES>BRUCE-PC, my media shows up.

i have my WDTV up-to-date on the firmware, and running W7 Pro and connect my WDTV LIVE to my router with an ethernet cable.

anyone know how to fix this?  it works fine, but it’s a couple extra clicks and was just wondering if this is normal or do i have something set up wrong?  although, sometimes when i hit “network shares, bruce-pc” it can’t find my network.   usually  just turn the WDTV off and back on and it recognizes it, but i should have to do this when my PC is up and running all the time.

is it too much to ask for a device like this to correctly ALL the time?  i shouldn’t have to reboot, unplug or fart around with stuff, when it’s set up it should work the way it is supposed to all the time.