Can anyone please help me out?

hi guys can anyone please help trying to run my xtreamer pro as a nas so my wdtv can play movies form it  this is where i am with it , 1 all are running the same network (hardwire) 2 can see and play movies on my pc from the xtreamer pro 3 can see the folders and movies from the xtreamer pro  with the wdtv but wont play on the wdtv ??? 4 hooked the to media players by usb and now all movies on the xtreamer pro will play on the wdtv, so just cant get them to play over my network so anyone know where iam going wrong please

so can the wdtv read media from other media players like the  xtreamer pro ???


The Xtreamer Pro has a built-in media server, which is Twonky, if it is enabled you may be able to access it, from the WD TV, as a Media Server.  If Twonky is disabled, or if you cannot access it in this way, you may access it by Network Shares.

thanks for your reply Vadir tryed that and still notting  in the Network Shares i done even see the The Xtreamer :confounded: can only see it when i go to files and hit red botton and press it from there