Can anyone help me please?

Hi guys can someone help me please.

I have a new WD passport hardrive and im wondering if data stored on the hardrive just stays there alone? Or is there a way to back this up online as well?

Im very worried that if something happened to the hd i would lose the data forever, Would this be the case?

Lastly i share a acer laptop with family and password protect my important files, We will be buying another acer and i was wondering if its possible to put my password protected files onto the wd passport hd and then put them back onto a new acer still protected?

Anyone who takes the time to respond thank you very much, Im sorry if these questions sound abit stupid but its all very new to me so im trying to learn.

The first question is something i my main question so if that can be answered i would be grateful.

Thank you.

By default it wont upload your files online, but you can use any of the free cloud storage options that are available, I like to use dropbox, but you need to copy the files manually. For the encrypted files you should be able to copy them into the passport or any memory, but it would be good for you to say how the encryption program that you use works. 

The best way to protect your files from loss is to have two copies of them. If that means buying another disk, then so be it. This is standard industry practice when it comes to backing up stuff. 2 copies of everything important. I don’t trust any type of cloud service with anything important - not unless I am administering it myself.