Can anyone help? MBWE (white light) not connecting; missing a share folder?

Hello all,

I’m hoping someone might be able to share some words of advice - just got off the phone from WD support who tell me they are unable to help as i have a firmware version they aren’t familiar with (it’s version 01.02.04 which I downloaded directly using the MBWE interface…)

I should first point out I’m running on Mac OS X 10.6.5. I am not using Time Machine. I’m using a ‘standard’ router, not Airport Express.

Essentially, I bought the device at the start of September and have not really had a problem with it until yesterday. I went to copy a file onto the drive but it was just hanging. I turned off the computer, disconnected the drive from the router in order to shut it down, but it was active for at least 30 minutes after. No standby. Eventually I turned it off (holding power button down) and left it until this morning. Set it all up, and turned on the computer again. I’ve been fiddling around ever since trying to get it to work but I’m about to pull my hair out - so any advice?

  1. Twonkymedia server is showing all my music and videos, but showing 0 photos (it was looking at them at one point this morning, I think, but not since).

  2. Cannot connect in the normal sense via finder - but CAN connect via SMB (pulls up my private share and public, with a couple of strange files in it) or by going to it’s IP using connect to network --> afp:/ (this finds my private share but won’t connect to /public)

Things I’ve tried:

a) Turning off mionet (stopping it) - no luck

b) rebooting using reset button - no luck

c) restarting by powering down and up - no luck

d) reset PRAM on computer - only bit of suggestion from WD support - no luck

e) rebuilt library and scanned using twonkyserver - no photos

Ultimately, I’m moving abroad in 3 weeks and bought this to back up all of my films, music and photos. If the photos are indeed gone off the hard drive, then that’s the only copy lost, which would **bleep** massively :cry: normally I keep backups of backups but as I said, I purchased this 2TB drive to back it all up in one go.

I’ve read plenty about twonky doing this, and mionet doing that, and using SSH etc. I’m a bit perplexed and to be honest, not familiar with SSH in the slightest. I’ve also read similar issues to this on this site but with no responses or conclusions - can someone help me here please??