Can anyone help? DVD images stutter, freeze, from network share

WD TV Live

Most current firmware (as of Aug 2, 2012)

Wired to LAN via D-Link DAP-1522 wireless bridge from D-Link DIR-655

Streaming from network share on Windows 7 64 bit PC

No issues with playback of avi, mpg, mkv, mp3, wmv, or any other file so far.

No issues with network share and file discovery, etc.


Playback of DVD images (iso, vob) immediately freezes or stutters and is unwatchable. During a few tests the image froze and the device became unresponsive and had to be cold booted.

Is this a network limitation? Do I need to use local storage for disc image playback?

Is there anything I can do to maximize my setup and improve network streaming so that this will work from my network share? Third-party apps, etc?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.

Some people have issues with VOB playback (I don’t) over a network share.

I’ve not heard many (any?) issues with ISO playback, though…

Probably 90% of my media is DVD ISO-based, and I’m not seeing any issues streaming them from my QNAP NAS via Samba connection…

If you’re using WIFI the first place to look is there…  WiFi can be problematic under the BEST of circumstances.

Streaming DVD iso thru wired NAS is fine.  But stutter thru wifi from the same NAS.