Can anyone access files from if my WD MyCloud device is not available?

My WD My Cloud device is non-functional for a long time. I had taken out the hard disk inside it, formatted it and used it for other purposes. Therefore, my WD MyCloud device is not available.
However, when I log in to, I can still see the device name, but it is showing as “offline” or unavailable.
My question is- without the availability of my WD MyCloud storage device, can anyone get access to my files through Does Western Digital store my files anywhere online?
I just want that my files are not available anymore to anyone. Please let me know.

No, the files are/where stored on the Hard drive inside the My Cloud Enclosure until you formatted it.

And if WD Western Digital did store your personal files online, it would be the biggest privacy breach story to hit the headlines in quite some time.

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The web portal is just a “secure conduit” between the user who logs into the site and your My Cloud device. All files still reside on your My Cloud device, not on the WD servers. If the My Cloud is powered off or removed from the local network, or internal hard drive removed, no one can access the files using the web portal.

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Thank you so much for your reply and help. @JoeySmyth @Bennor