Can an Ungrounded PC/outlet damage a Hard drive?

i live in southeast asia country which most homes in here not properly grounded / ungrounded as a result when i touch my PC case i will get bit electric shock from it.

currently i have 2 wd internal hard drive @1TB , 1 TB wd my passport , 4TB wd my book.
as i know a hard drive vulnerable to static electric which will damage the hard drive.
Can an ungrounded pc/outlet damage a internal/external hard drive? i bit concern about this because i dont want to lose my data and my drive perhaps for 5/10 years , so i hope you know about my questions is , because i think this is rather unusual in another big country which has 3 prong / fully properly grounded

i would be more concerned about losing your life if you get electrocuted because the house is not properly grounded.

call an electrician to get the house grounded.

yea i know it isnt safe for ppl to live in the house isnt properly grounded , but i can deal with it i know the risk and call an electrician to get ground installation won’t cost cheap in here you know because its unusual for common ppl to have ground in their house except for rich ppl.