Can access dashboard (just) but mutiple errors after latest firmware update


Hoping someone can help me here as I am going slightly mad with MyCloud right now.

I updated the firmware to version to 04.04.01-112 via QuickView a couple of days ago and every since I have been having loads of problem with dashboard access. It seems like the firmware update did not complete entirely as when accessing each area of the dashboard it is incredibly slow and there are lots of errors in Chrome console. Access through Windows is fine and works as expected.

My notification menu is greyed out constantly and the main dashboard page never properly loads. I get lots of rest api errors in Chrome console. After what seems like hours, I can see my shares/users on the dashboard. Any changes take forever and sometimes they are failing. I keep getting network connectivity errors but I can access fine in Windows. I have been able to improve things/get access by restarting Apache using WinSCP command line after I just managed to get SSH turned on in the Dashboard. Weirdly I cannot connect with Putty and I get a network connection error.

Is it possible to update the firmware with the same version again and rule out any missing files in the OS? I am very nervous of using the dashboard at the moment because it deleted the wrong share earlier and it was lucky my son had everything on his phone.

I would very much appreciate any advice/opinions of what would be a good course of action. I have sent a support ticket to WD but from what I can tell from these forums, they are a bit slow on the uptake. I cannot afford to lose the data on this drive as it all my personal and home business files and I do not have enough storage available to backup all this onto another drive.

I have read about downgrading the firmware on these forums and would be prepared to try that as a last resort but I am not sure which link would provide the best set of instructions

I would be so grateful to anyone who can help me

Hi, welcome to the community.

You can try to reset the drive by pressing the reset button in the back of it, this is not data destructive. You can also try to download the firmware from the support site and try to re-update again which should be fine.

Hi Iluna

Thank you very much for your advice but I have just managed to revert to version 3 of the firmware via SSH using the method here [ Tutorial ][ SSH Method ] Downgrade v4 firmware to v3

I am happy with the performance and behaviour of the drive for the time being and will attempt to update to the latest version at a later date.

I would like to thank this fantastic community for giving me the confidence to resolve this issue myself. I think it may have been sometime before I heard from WD Support so at least I am back on track for now.