Can access dashboard but not files

I’ve been unable to access files on MyCloudMirror since updating to Windows 10 a year or two ago. I can see the device icon in ThisPC, however double-clicking on it will only open the dashboard log in in a browser and not open the file list anymore. From the dashboard I can see that drive is healthy however, I can’t find a way to access my files from the dashboard? Is there one? I tried mapping the drive and all I get is an error message that the device won’t accept the connection. Could anyone please help me access my files? Thank you!

I have the same problem - it appears to have happened (for me) after a firmware update on 13 June 2020. Before this update I could do everything (and had done only a week before). Now I can open dashboard and Twonkey but I cannot access my files through My Cloud!

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I have the same problem.

I am havng the same problem as Shell.

It give me a login page but no way to actually log in.

Any solution?