Can a WD10EZX-75M2NA0 Drive Shut Itself Off?

On a Win 8.1 machine, I was notified that there was no HD present. Even the old WD Lifeguard diagnostic program agreed. But later, I was able to boot into Safe Mode and after changing from Selective to Standard Startup, was able to boot Windows normally.

Do the drive shut itself off/make itself invisible? And then turn itself back on/become visible??

Quite puzzled bcause the system now seems normal!

Hi pikov, welcome to the WD Community. There might have been a connection problem with the drive, but as long as the DLG test completes successfully the drive should be OK. 

Could you say a little more about a “connection problem”? Would that be a physical (i.e, cable) connection or perhaps a handshake (do they still do that??) problem?

And how would it self-correct?

OK, the DLG failed the first time and then after several reboots, Iran it again and it passed.



It happened again!

I sat down at my desk and saw that my screen was frozen with an error message that said it was collecting information about an error. It was stuck at 0% and, in small print, mentioned “KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR”

I turned off the power and turned it on, and it booted normally.

What is going on here?


Dell finally admitted to a hard disk failure and are shipping a replacement.