Can a user store a file within the WDBHG70000NBK-01 device itself, or is the device ONLY able to play media from external locations?

DEVICE = WDBHG70000NBK-01. A user attached this device to a network without authorization and used the device for a time. I have the device physically.

My question: can a user transfer a file - for example, “recipe.doc” or “balance_sheet.xls” to be stored within the device itself, or is the device only configured for pass-through capabilities (as a straw would allow one to drink a glass of water more quickly)?

I cannot find a clear response from WD or any outside technical source, and this is something I need to know. The documentation I have seen only describes this device as a pass-through type of device. Thanks in advance for any assistance and/or input you can provide.

A WDTV has no storage capability, it is a pass thru device only, The only WDTV with HDD storage is the older WDTV hub, but you are not asking about this one.