Can a new (replaced) controller/IC board access data on an encrypted WD Passport?


my Passport Ultra (2TB) has failed; it cannot be accessed and there is a clicking sound and a blinking led every time I try to connect it.
I took it to a hard-disk repair shop and they told me: we can try to repair it, but we would have to buy a new Passport Ultra and take from it whatever has failed in the old hard-disk.

Now, my question is: since my hard-disk is encrypted, would an implanted controller / circuit board from a brand new hard-disk (of the same model, of course) be able to access the data? From what I understand, the supposedly encrypted data is not encrypted at all – only, access to the disk is protected by a password.

PS Of course, I know the password.

Thanks to all,


@ruppy89 That really stinks. I’ve had that clicking sound before, which usually means the drive failed. It’ll be hard to recover the data from it, regardless of the encryption in place. But, that encryption will probably make things more difficult if the issue isn’t the drive itself.