Can a MyCloud Gen 2 run on a 512 GB Drive?

Can a MyCloud Gen 2 run on a WD 512 GB Drive? If so what would I use for the partition sizes? Thanks for any help… :slight_smile:

Theoretically, yes. But why?

As for the second question, follow Fox_exe’s unbrick process, and just have partition 2 fill the rest of the drive after creating the other partitions.

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Thanks, I Already did it! I was just looking too low in the DHCP table for the drive, , Because the MyCloud is so flaky, I am making a backup drive to clone from. I don’t want to use a big drive for a clone backup. If I really had to use the 512gb in MyCloud it would work anyway, because I use MyCloud mainly as a hub for my 5 tb USB drive.

Ok then. Just was not sure why you wanted to put a SMALLER drive inside. (If you were using an SSD, I would point out that the mycloud makes excessive use of swap, and would discourage the idea.)

Glad to see you got it all working.