Can a MyBook Live act as a DVR?


Hey gang,
I’ve just recently purchased an HDHomeRun Connect and I would like to know if I can my old MyBookLive NAS act as a DVR. Does anyone know of a way? They do offer a service but it’s for the newer NAS devices such as the My Cloud.
I was thinking of something like… a program on the NAS will tune the HDHomeRun and capture the video and save it to disk.


It has a 3TB HDD.
Here are the CPU and RAM specs:
MyBookLive:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor : 0
cpu : APM82181
clock : 800.000008MHz
revision : 28.131 (pvr 12c4 1c83)
bogomips : 1600.00
timebase : 800000008
platform : PowerPC 44x Platform
model : amcc,apollo3g
Memory : 256 MB


I just set this up in the last few days, using PLEX (PLEX pass subscription required)

I created a share on the MyBookLive called “TV”.

On the PLEX server (running Windows 10 Pro) I then mapped this share to “Z:/” by going into FILE EXPLORER, selecting THIS PC, then COMPUTER from the top menu bar. Click MAP NETWORK DRIVE, select drive letter Z, and then enter \MYBOOKLIVE\TV for the folder. Check “Reconnect at sign-in”.

Then follow these directions to set up the DVR functionality in PLEX:

Hope that helps!


That would be perfect but I don’t want to pay and it would defeat the purpose of ‘free’.