Can a computer break down a wd external disk?

Can a computer break down a WD external disk? After just one month of use, My Passport Ultra (1 terabyte) unit ceased to work. It was sent by the retailer to the importer, and after three weeks they came back alleging that my computer should be in short-circuit, and that it looked like it had broken down the external disk. This is entirely absurd. The machine has had for years two hard disks and two DVDs, and none of them has ever had any electrical or electronic problem, or any kind of problem for that matter. I do not, moreover, understand how through a USB connection can any computer possibly break down an external disk. This is an extremely serious matter, since it implies a not acknowledging of the warranty by the retailer and the importer. Please comment.
Thanks. Norbel

Hi norbel, sorry to hear you had problems with the hard drive. There are some cases where an electric surge can damage USB connected devices to your PC. For your case I recommend you to go directly to the WD support page and create the replacement order. You can also contact WD support and they can create it for you. Click on the following links for more information.

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty 

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