Camera specifics

hi, Im considering a 4 camera system with a 5th camera add on for better total coverage…I try to think it through as best as possible…so, I stopped here… the 8mp cameras with the visor on them… I see they move up and down… Do they articulate side to side ? right to left ? I went to the instalation page and all there was was a bold purple image of the camera… no help at all.

i’m not sure if you mean they can be remotely controlled to move. but if you mean they can be manually adjusted side to side then yes, they can be moved left and right. the post/shaft rotates to allow the camera to be positioned in any direction. the knob on the base side of the shaft is threaded to lock it down once you position the camera where you want. I used my phone while on the ladder to get it pointed where I wanted.