Camera issues

Last weekend set up 2 cams on house and had the other 2 in closet where the NVR is. All worked well.
This Friday put third on house and move cam from one port to another, to get better visual. Now have no link. Went ahead and put fouth cam on house. All lights on ports are lit up. Cams do not have a reset button. Phone tells me I have empty port, monitor next to NVR say Offline(network disconnected). NVR is connect to internet, getting IP, Gateway and Sub. Have reset default and also done Factory reset. No help from MicroCenter, have them stumped. Any Wizards out there that can help?

same problem with my cams. any help is welcome, Thanks James

same happened to me… I disconnected all cameras., waited like 3 minutes… connect them again and turn system ON and wait like 5 minutes so the reset can tale place and all cameras go trough the configuration again, after 2 tries all 4 cameras were up again…