Calibrating my LED TV


I would like to calibrate my SAMSUNG UE46B7000.

One of the best programs to do this is the DVE HD.

Can I copy the contents of this DVD to MY WD TV LIve and calibrate this way?


R Nunes

You can try it but the WD has a problem with menus, probably best to run it from your dvd player.

The “problem” is that I don’t have any HD DVD player, neither Blu-Ray.

depending on what you calibrate it with and what setup you have, each source may have to be calibrated on it’s own.  my samsung plasma is not set up with an HDMI receiver, so each source has to be calibrated.

that said, i calibrated it with numbers from a TV forum where someone had done it professionally AVS forum i think, and use those settings for all my sources (TV, DVD, WDTV, GAMES).

google your tv and settings or sometihng and see what comes up, or try here;

I found two sites with pictur settings for my TV set.

They work great if I’m using my WD TV Live (HDMI) but NOT well for my HD Cable box (HDMI). :cry:

Not sure how your Samsung LED inputs work but my relatively cheap (and older) Panasonic plasma allows individual picture settings per input.

So you should be able to have the HDMI input for the WD TV set up the way you like it, then fine tune the HDMI input for the cable box…?  Or are you running everything through a receiver / HDMI switch into a single HDMI input on the TV?

No, each media has it’s own HDMI input.