Caddy for My passport (Mac Format)

Hey Everyone!

I’m using a WD My Passport 500GB. Few weeks ago i dropped it while it was on use. After that whenever i connect it to my Macbook, the light on the HDD comes up and makes weird noises and then stops. It doesn’t even reognises on my Macbook. I went for professional help and the guy suggested me to buy a caddy. Now, i have no idea which caddy should i go for since i have mot much knowledge about HDDs. I’ve attached two pictures of my HDD. Please let me know which caddy would be the best for my HDD.




It doesn’t sound to good. If this is a drive that came with Smartware a different enclosure won’t allow you to retrieve the data. The board with the USB port encrypts the data. Since the drive was dropped it’s probably physically damaged. Personally I wouldn’t waste money on another enclosure.