Cable for powering MacBook while using G-drive?


I have a MacBook with USB-C input and a G-drive with USB-C input. I have no problem connecting those two with a cable with USB-C. After a while the battery of the MacBook needs to be recharged. What cables and dongle do I need to connect the MacBook , G-drive with a charger?
I.e. I want to keep working on the MacBook while it is connected to the G-drive AND its battery keeps being recharged. Thanks HH


Only way is to have the MacBook’s USB-C power adapter + power cable connected to an electrical outlet.

If you’re using the MacBook while on Battery, the processing demands, during this use, will determine the actual length of Battery time. (When on Battery, have your Energy Saver System Pref set to show the Battery Status in the Finder Bar.)


Thank you for your answer. I was hoping for a better solution!