Cable and wdtv

i am brand new to wdtv,  during the learning process i would like to go from my exsisting cable box to the wd without removing connecting cables. is this possible, my tv is a visio

They should be connected via different outputs on the TV that you can switch between using the TV’s remote. That is, unless you have an older TV that has only 1 HDMI input. If you’re already using that for your cable box, then you’d need a switch box or you’d have to keep swapping cables.

I believe your VISIO TV should have more than one HDMI input - if your CABLE Box is connected to one HDMI input on your TV, you can use a Second HDMI connectino for your WDTV Live HUB.

If not, you can always use the YBR inputs but you’ll need to get new cables to make the connection between your WDTV Live Hub and your TV…

I recommend using HDMI cables because the picture is a LOT Better and HDMI can support HIGH Resolutions (1080P)

Once you have it all connected, you can switch between CABLE and WDTV using your own TV’s remote.