Cable adapter for a 10pin

Please Help! Does anyone have an idea as to what type of cable adapter for a WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo 6 TB,External (BUPB0060JSLNESN) Hard Drives 10pin cable. I had know idea it came with a Mini 10Pin instead of the normal USB 3.0 cable. So, I’m looking for an adapter that will allow the external drive to plug into my USB 3.0 port on my desktop.

This 10pin cable has contacts on both side of the female end so the adapter must be a 10pin male slot/pin with the USB 3.0 male end.


Thunderbolt is a totally different standard than USB.

If such a thing exists, it won’t just be an adapter cable – it’ll have to be some sort of smart adapter to translate USB to Thunderbolt and vice versa.

You might, instead, consider exchanging your drive for the correct one.

Thank you for your response & that is what I’m doing. These are EBAY purchase & I’m on a learning curve & he’s offered to exchange for window compatibility. All is good.

Can I ask you another question. Since thess Thunderbolt are Duo with with two cable hooks up slots on the back side of the unit. I’m not familiar with this type of external drives. I would assume since these are 6TB that each drive are working independently & this explains why there are two cable slots!

Or do they work in a seperate manner. Again thanks for the rapid response.