Cabbot conect to My Book Live on my Android

I have had two MBLs on my home network for some time now. Historically all worked well with access both of them via My Cloud and WD Photos. Recently I had to rebuild my network because of some bad routers. When I went back into MBL, I got several errors about the drives being unavailable and off line. I deleted both apps form my phone and reinstalled. Removed the user form both drives in MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W. Added the user back as a mobile user and got to the code screen. Went to the phone and added the device, entered teh code when prompted and now I have this error.

My Cloud

Drive offline.
Local documents are available. (971)

How do I resolve this?


Are you able to access the dashboard of the unit?

Have you tried resetting the unit?