CA Arcserve 11

Hi !

I’d like to backup my NAS via Acserce to LTO4 Tapes.

I can see the NAS in the Windows Networkdevices of the Arcserve Backupassistant and If I chosse it a User / Password

Dialog pops up => “User, password for… \nas\Admin$” .

But no useraccount does work ? The Nas is in the domain, but wether the Admin, the Domain Admin or the

user caroot which Arcserve uses does work (I gave carrot admin rights at the nas).

I know there is a NAS Agent for Arcserve but I think the shares shourd be handeld as windowes shares (CIFS) and not

as NFS thats why I shouldnt need the agent.

Please give me any hints. Thanks Thomas

The ARCserve NAS Agent is for NDMP backups only. 

Try setting it up for backup via perferred shares instead of via network.

Thanks. I’ve foudn it out myself => preferred shares and the Admin of the NAS not the CIFS User.