C6 - Offline uncorrectable errors?


My external 2TB WD Elements has registered some changes in offline uncorrectable errors and write error rate:

C6 Offline uncorrectable error - 3
C8 Write error rate - 3

Is this reason enough to RMA the drive?

I am in the middle of performing a zero refill with HD Tune Pro. Is there another way to reset these values, so as to be able to check whether these errors are just a one time occurrence?

Since 2 TB drives takes a fair bit of time to check, which tool do you recommend to use on these drives, HDDscan or HDSentinel?

You can try testing the drive with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics


Ok, I will run an extended test through WD’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics.

The reason for my concern is that is drive is only 2 months old. I first noticed the error when the drive failed read and transfer a 2GB file.

 Does these C6 and C8 values ever return to zero, for instance after zero refilling the entire drive?

I have noticed that the Raw Read Error Rate isn’t zero as well (is shows 42).