C: Drive is near full

I am receiving alerts that the C drive on my Sentinal NAS is nearly full. The drive is partitioned as a 60Gb drive and there is only 6Gb free. I have found a log file c:\wd\logs\iSCSIlog.txt that is almost 20Gb (neally one third of the complete partition).

Can this log file be deleted without affecting the performance of the system? Will the application regenerate the log file? What data is this file collecting?

Any assistance wit this is greatly appreciated.


When in doubt rename the file and wait and see how it does before you delete it. But I think you would be fine to delete it.
have to look in it to see what it is collecting :slight_smile:

you might look at the isci tab in the dashboard for logging and disable it if there is an option. mine is not on now to look at it.