C:// drive is full

I got a 2TB drive and need to go bigger. I have move files, applications, empty the c:/windows temp folder. And still can’t free enough space up. Really don’t want to buy another server. Suggestions?

use windirstat to see what is using the space on c:

A 5TB (or more) would likely solve your space problems:


Edit: Sorry - didn’t see this was for a Sentinel :blush:

Microsoft sql server is using up a lot of it according to windirstat.

Thanks Scott, That looks to be what I need. However I am a dummy when it comers to this stuff, so is there some kind of instruction on how to transfer everything from my C drive to the new drive, Without causing a wreck.

What computer do you have?

Senntial DX4000

It will not take the drive @Great_Scottt suggested, SQL? You install a database?

Ummm, yes. But all the databases are on the D drive. When it was first installed I had plenty of room. Like around 30 gb left. I take it that was a no no. My mrp software required it. I believe that I have more of sql installed then what I need. But I can’t get clarification from my mrp support nor can I figure it out. Why won’t the drI’ve Scott specified work.

Here is a list of the drives that will work if you can find one, but none are bigger really. The DX 4000 can only use certain drives because of the automatic Raid. As well, simply having a bigger drive does not mean your C: is bigger. There are 3rd party programs that you may can expand c: but be careful as it is a headless box.

You need to work with your vendor to reinstall on D: where you have more space

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  1. Check and empty c:\windows\temp. DX4000 leaves lot of big files there
  2. Check and empty c:\windows\logs\CBS\CBS.log sometimes these log files become huge

see also https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/3b0b2bbc-d295-4a1b-8818-0b76ebe36b5a/cbslog-file-huge?forum=winservergen

Thanks Gramps, I will try an work on the reinstall. Stuff is really complicated so I do need to screw it up. I will also check out the drives. I appreciate the help.

DTMtech, That helpled. had some files that were pretty big. Thanks