C drive filling up - WD Issue?

Hi - I recently (last two months) have had my (2 TB) C drive filling up - I used TreeSize and found a build up of (access denied) files in the Sytem Information Volume. I was getting worried that my PC would freeze up with these…

Then, yesterday, WD offered an upgrade to the WD SmartWare software I was using - fantastic - arounf 950 gb (yes, gigabytes) was intantly released back to my C drive when I upgraded.

This is clearly an issue with the WD software - or drive? - is this known - will it start again - are there any settings that may need to be changed.

I have been using WD as a continuous back-up for 3 years - the original drive died and I replaced it with a MyPassPort Ultra 2tb USB3 drive two months ago - the problem has only built up since then.

Any comments, or questions, gratefully received.


Let me see if I get this right. You are saying that after the update on the WD Smartware, the software/unit restore the files on the drive back to your computer?

If that’s the case, this is the first time that I’ve seen it. 

Unless you do a restore manually the software shouldn’t do it by it self.

What’s the version of the software that you are running?


Sorry if I confused - I do not have an issue with the WD Drive backing up and storing the back up files - that is fine.

What I have an issue with is my C drive being filled up with files I cannot remove in my System Volume Information Folder

This started happening after I replaced my old WD drive with a new 2TB mypassport ultra

I had over a 1TB of these files building up in my C drive and my PC was running out of space to operate - I was desparately trying to find a way to get rid of these.

Then WD sent me an update of WD Smartware - to version 2.4.10 (which is the updated version I am now using)

As I updated the System Volume Inforamtion Folder miraculously released arounf 950 gb of files and freed up my space to operate again.

Clearly there is something with WDSmartware that is making files in the System Volume Information Folder - and not allowing them to be removed — this is a big problem.

Since the update/clearing out the WD software seems to be dropping around 30gb-50gb of files a day into the System Information Volume Folder. This is a typical file name  {5c3c3055-d4a8-11e4-872f-782bcb9d0f4c}{3808876b-c176-4e48-b7ae-04046e6cc752} - this is 40gb…

This is not a problem at the moment as I have around 1TB free - but it will fill up again in 2-3 weeks…

At the moment it seems I should remove the WD software  – but this seems crazy.

I never had this issue with the previous drive and previous WD software I used for around 3 years…

If there are any suggestions around any settings or reasons for this they will be greatfully received.

I do not with to get rid of the WD back-up (on continuous backup) - but if this carries on it may be my only choice.

Thanks for your comment…