Bypass the main menu, but how?

I would like to skip the main menu in a theme and I would like to start in Video when I start the mediaplayer.

Is this possible? I thought I could perhaps put something like this in rv_home.xml ?

I understand this is not going to work, but something like this should be possible? Anyone here got this working or some advice?

their is an autoplay option but i beleive it has to be in the root directory

I doubt that this is possible

If I copy the video_browse xml content to the home xml file, the video browser starts immediately, but I cannot see my folders, strange… It seems ok, but if you cannot browse to your video files…

That’s because you are not in the Video page, all you are doing is displaying the images for the the video_browse.xml.

What you are trying to do can’t be done because you can’t change the behavior, that is controled by the FW not the theme xmls.

You can’t change the behavior (ie: jump to another menu) without editing the FW.

how do you edit the FW ?   :smileyvery-happy:

(sorry, could’nt resist)

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Should have said modding, but it’s late for me. :wink:

Editing, Modding…you’re just going to have to do something to the FW. :laughing:

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