Bypass Router for Networking ... Straight to PC?

Is it possible to leave out the middle-man (router) and go straight to ones PC via RJ45 ?

Seeing that there is a major issue here with networking shares, I wonder how many have tried going directly to their PC.

I would try it but that would need everyone patience in this house while I remove wireless functions for a while as I play around and test.

Has anyone tried it as a solution ? If it were to work, would using an RJ45 splitter work (one to router, one to WDTV) on the PC NIC card ?

Check if the link below helps.


I’ve used a 10/100 and 1GHz switch for this purpose and both work just fine, the 10/100 are really cheap now and work great! :smiley:

If you use windows media player and share your media to the network then all your media (audio, photo and video) will be available from your windows OS >Vista PC and this will include USB drives connected to that PC.  I’m using FW: 1.06.41V beta.

Also available your media player folders - playlists, ratings etc.

Accessible from Media Server :smiley:.

When it works its a good little box, pity bout the latest firmware fiasco (ff = 11111111 = 255)