Buying WDTV Live and WiFi

Hello everyone. I am going to buy WDTV Live and WiFi components tomorow and if you have time to check my choice just to be sure everything will work the way i want to work. At the moment im running XP Pro 32 bit SP3 and im connected to internet via cable modem. I want to buy WDTV Live and my goal is to connect it via wireless network to my comp and stream HD 720p and 1080p mkv rips. Distance between WDTV Live and my computer will be less than 10  meters with one not so thick ceiling. I plan to buy D Link DWA 131 N Nano WiFi USB and to plug it in WDTV Live. On the other side i plan to buy D Link DIR 615 router and to plug it into computer. Since DWA 131 N Nano is on the list and both USB and router have IEEE 802.11 n technology i hope that i will be able to stream from shared folder. Just to be more clear, i dont need to connect my WDTV Live to internet since all i need to play files from my comp. So I will be more that happy if you guys check and  “approve” my choices since im gonna go extremly mad if i buy all of that and still cant watch moves with my wife in warm bed upstairs.

Thanks in advance!!!

Sorry for my “not so great” english :slight_smile:

Well, it looks OK to me.  

Just be warned:   There have been reports that people are buying “approved” USB adapters that DO NOT WORK because the manufacturer changes chipsets with no notice.   It can happen with anything, but I don’t believe anyone has reported on the DWA-131 yet…

Wow Tony that was fast. Thans for your answer. I am aware of chipset changes but i`m hoping that i will be lucky on that one.

Thanks again.

BTW i got call from the store that DIR 615 along with other two products will be ready for delivery day after tomorow. I will post as soon as I bring it home and test it!

Three words… don’t do it.

The wirelss is not ready for primetime unless you can match the rev of the wirless dongly PERFECTLY. There’s even some arguments about that on this forum. Good luck.

Consider using a wireless BRIDGE instead.   No compatibility issues there…

Please refer to this discussion: