Buying wd tv live with slingbox pro hd and taking abroad

Hi, wondered if anyone could quickly advise me on the below… I am relocating to Russia but keeping a small place in the uk… I have full sky hd and have purchased a slingbox pro hd to stream the feed… I want to buy the wd tv live media player (to also combine with my synology nas which is coming with me) since that way I should have everything at my fingertips on one tv when i am abroad! However, I have been researching a lot and is it true the wd tv app will only work in the US version of the box? Or will I be ok if I purchase wd tv media player in the uk and take it over with me?

Many thanks

Not sure where you have been researching a lot, but if you go to the WD site for the WD live player and then select online services and then select united kingdom in the region/country dropdown box it says slingplayer.