Buying WD My Cloud is one of my worst decisions (I Wasted my money and time)

I am really upset of the poor performance, slowness and unstability of the personal WD cloud. first I bought the 3 tera version it was so slow, a;ways get hot, never sleep you can rarely manage to access it remotely (I bought the latest and fastest gigabit router to connect it), I thought something  wrong with the drive, I returned back to the shop and replaced it with 4TB one (Paid the difference). I almost encountered the same experience after copyin less than one tera of files. I discovered that I wasted more than 3 weeks trying to copy and fix things. I compared it to regular hard drivrs that can be connect to the network , it is much better and must faster, it sleeps when no activity, it does not require power !!!


I really has a big regret of buying such premature technology. what make it worse is the WD support who respond after several days with vague answers.


I feel so bad about WD and now trying to find a way to get rid of the cloud because I will not be able to return it back to the local vendor (they allow one week only to replace items).


I hope WD can resolve this issue for me and keep the repution as good as it used to be.




I agree. The support is so slow.

I have ended up buying 2 devices to try to create a safepoint one on another, but even that doesnt work. 

Be warned.