Buying the WD My Cloud: Worth it?

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    I’m currently on the verge - whether I should buy a WD My Cloud. I’m only able to invest $180, so the 2TB version fits the bill. However, I’ve been reading a lot of customer reviews and they’re mainly negative. Lots of problems in every regard. It’s one of the top NAS’es in Amazon and yet a lot of people reported the product is slow and defective.

TL;DR I’m skeptical whether I would go about buying this. Is it worth it? or is it wiser to look for another product? (Such as the MyBook Live).

Thanks in advance!

I think people tend to be more willing to give negative reviews than positive ones, it’s human nature.

I’ve had a 4TB WDMC now for two months and I’m extremely happy with it. It helps to be a bit tech-savvy, I think anyone with limited IT knowledge would not be able to make the most of it.
After a brief disaster with the latest firmware, I rolled back to the previous version, and patiently set everything up again. I have a WD TV Live SMP which works very well with it. All my digital media is stored on it, (backed up to an external drive using WD Safepoint) and it’s only a quarter full!
Three users, with the proprietary WD My Cloud software working well for remote access to four devices, and FTP access as well, it all works perfectly and does everything that I want it to.

I’m sure there are many happy people like myself out there. People only tend to come onto here when they’re having problems.

If everything works fine no one bothers. If there is something wrong they make sure they yell it out and hence the negarive review. My cloud is the heart of my home entertainment  now. The single devices servces audio/video/files to 10 devices (most of them are wireless). I stream full HD movies from My cloud to my Pi wirelessly and have had no problems till now.

So if you ask me i will say go ahead and buy. 

I have had my My Cloud (4TB) for several months and I am very happy with it.

Here are some things for you to look at that may help when you are ready to buy and set it up.

Link for, My Cloud │How it Works

A link for the User Manual,

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cat0w (USA)

I am fairly happy with mine at this point too but it is a tough call to recommend especially to anyone that is not comfortable getting into the Linux side to “fix” things. I have a lot of years in computer support.

Personal opinion it has great potential but not ready for prime time yet. hopefully they will fix it soon

if you by I would not upgrade to the V4 firmware at this time. I don’t recall if it asked which I think it did or if it just appied it. for safety it may be a good idea to unplug the WAN cable from your router. boot the cloud go to the UI and disable auto updates then re-connect the WAN cable

I have no idea how it compares to other NAS devices, non are going to be as simple as an external USB drive on a single device

If you’re on a budget and you think it will meet your needs it might be a good buy for you.  As others have mentioned do NOT upgrade to the v4 firmware if you do buy.  That was a disaster of a release - I don’t see how any real QA was performed prior to that release.  If money is not a concern and you don’t mind spending more I would consider alternative makes.  If I had it to do over I would have purchased a Synology DS214play.  Significantly more expensive but sometimes you get what you pay for.  I am still considering going this route.

Had mine a good few months and it has worked OK, first thing I did was turn off the firmware auto update.  I agree with the others that if you are not particularly technical it can be a bit of a pain to bet working.

Usually the first problems are getting all your data onto it in the first place and some people find it is very slow.  Once you have it setup with all your data they tend to be good at what they are edvertised for.

I use mine to backup my main PC and store and share my music, pictures and videos, mine also streams to my smart tv very well.

The main problem is unstable…easy hang or become very slow…always need to restart.

WD MyCloud was my first NAS, as I found that (a) I didn’t want to leave my computer on to share across the home or outside (WD MB Live), and (b) the USB port of my router was very very slow, so I couldn’t make much use of a disk plugged into the router to be shared inside and outside the home.

This NAS is not expensive when you compare the cost of the WD Red disk inside.

It is a great way to test what a NAS is and what you want to do with it, but you need to feel comfortable going through a steep learning curve (SSH, Linux admin) if things don’t work for you out of the box.

There are many quirks, but no real showstopper if you have a top notch wireless and gigabit network at home. Using it to store unique copies of content is risky, because there is only one disk in the NAS (no Raid), and the backup feature doesn’t work at restore stage (manual workaround exist). Media serving is limited: the media server is OK, not great from a UI convenience perspective. The iTunes server is limited to Music sharing.

Performance is hampered by background media and photo scanning, but things settle down if you don’t have huge amounts of content moving around all the time. With all media and scanning features turned off, this NAS is high performance for file access and copy, but your mileage will vary depending on your network.

This NAS is fanless. Important if you have it in your room or media room. No noise.

Remote access is weak. The file remote access is super weak (files and video for example). The mobile app for photos is great.

After many small issues, there was the v4.0 upgrade, and that was the last straw for me. I purchased a Synology NAS and I use the My Cloud has a backup for the Synology, with all media and scanning features turned off.

If money is the issue, go for it. Worst case you will throw the thing away and keep the big disk for other purposes.

If you can afford it, go for a Synology. Much less headaches, much easier to use, much higher performance, but noisier (fans and spinning disk(s)).

Thanks everyone!

I’m an IT person so being technically-inclined will help in times of trouble. The reason I would go about purchasing the product is solely because of streaming content. I’ll transfer my movies/pictures (about a terabyte) then that’s about it. Not much files going in after doing said transfer.

Thanks for the tips guys. (Disabling Auto-Update, Media Scanning and such.)

The main problem is unstable…easy hang or become very slow…always need to restart.

Mine runs constantly weeks on end before a reboot. And that is only because I want to reboot to test a startup process, otherwise runs fine. 


May I know what version of firmware are you using? I heard V3 is fine…but V4 is terrible. Mine is V4.

I never tried V3 before…when I initially setup MY Cloud, it asked my to update firmware.

I’d say yes. Have to say that I don’t use most of it’s functioallity - just use it as a network store and occasional media server as I back up my media files to it and can use it on my Roku boxes if my main media server (pc) is off.

For what I use it for it works well. I have tried to set it up for cloud storage and access and backups but it’s a right pain and I never succeeded in either. I use a PC based utility to run backups, and I don’t really have a use for cloud storage currently.

I have had mine since the weekend and have sunk hours into it already, so am just deciding whether I should return it and get something else.  Initial use is as a back up to my Mac.  Set up took ages as the instructions are woeful, but got there using this forum - Thanks!!  Had been working well with Time Machine and now seems very slow and the UI is super glitchy.

It hangs, even during apparently simple setting changes, drops connection, tells me it’s connected when it isn’t. 

As someone else has said, it has potential but really needed more work before releasing it.  I get the point about being tech savvy, but many customers are not and just want stuff to work out of the box without the need to be an IT specialist.

I’d be very keen to keep it, if only to save the hassle and expense, but it really need to be sorted out very quickly.

I read reviews before buying, some good, most bad, but have used WD product in the past (and been very happy) so thought it was just the ‘glass half empty’ brigade having a moan.  Having lived with it for a few days, I am now not so sure…

BTW Firm ware 4.  I have switched off auto update, but don’t know how to roll back.  Also can I switch off scanning?  The DLNA scan has been running for ages with no updates.



This is a goog post on disabling the scanning see work arounds section

I have actualy changed mine to run at a lower priotiry and reenabled them, so far it seems good

I strongly suggest a backup of any file before changing it. this requires SSH access and putty or similier. proceed at your on risk. easy change if you ever used Linux / Unix

edit /etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd and /etc//init.d/wdmcserverd  they had  renice 0 -p $$, change it to  renice 15 -p $$

if previously disabled do these 4 commands
update-rc.d wdphotodbmergerd enable
update-rc.d wdmcserverd enable
/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd start
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd start

If not disabled do these 4

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd stop

/etc/init.d/wdmcserverd start
/etc/init.d/wdphotodbmergerd start

Hmmm …It seems to me that it’s all about “work arounds” …

As stated by other people on this forum … if you get it to “work” what happens at the next update …

I’m seriously considering not opening my newly purchased WD My Cloud and just return it …

I’m a bit frustrated, that it seems like nobody is able to make an “affordable & working” box  

underdog wrote:

Hmmm …It seems to me that it’s all about “work arounds” …

As stated by other people on this forum … if you get it to “work” what happens at the next update …

I’m seriously considering not opening my newly purchased WD My Cloud and just return it …

I’m a bit frustrated, that it seems like nobody is able to make an “affordable & working” box  

I am also frustrated.  WD support will provide no information on the next firmware release at all.  Nor are they able to provide a working “fix” for v4 performance issues.  I can’t comment on how well it works on v3 firmware because I immediately upgraded to v4.  Based on the number and severity of issues with the v4 firmware release my confidence is not high that v5? will be much better.  If you want it to just work as advertised out of the box another make/model NAS may be the way to go.


It is VERY slow - I succedded copying 1 GB in 2 WEEKS… (not days)!!!

I replace the product once and the same problem occures

Reply to: llan-Cloud

I don’t know how your My Cloud is set up but the two images below will show that I can upload one gigabyte in only minutes. These uploads were done by wi-fi connection from my desktop computer.



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cat0w (USA)

Wow, a Gigabyte in minutes. That we’d all like to see. Which model, firmware and what network configuration? May shed some light on why few see this kind of performance.

My 2 cents:

  • as a NAS/Cloud service it has a lot of promise. I particularly like the way my whole family can access all our files from any of our devices from anywhere in the house or the country. I’ve even streamed TV shows onto my iPad in my hotel room in another city. The user interface is nice (to me), and fairly self explanitory. 

  • that said, the performance is unreliable. Great and fast some days, painfully slow others. I’m not just talking file transfers. Even displaying a directory’s contents can take many seconds, making one wonder if the directory is empty or the MC is crawling. The best way to transfer large amounts of data into it (10’s to 100’s of GB) is via a direct connection to the computer. No network, no router. When done you need to wait hours, maybe a day (depending on the number of files involved) while it does whatever it does cataloging the content.

  • One performance peculiarity I see on one of my computers is with Office Components (Word and Excel in particular). Whenever the MC is mounted they can slow way down, even when not accessing that drive, and especially seriously when the USB backup drive for Safepoints is accessible to that user (the drive appears as a share. I now make it unaccessible to all users).

  • I wish mobile access were more like Dropbox. I.e., fast. Even displaying the shares takes a while, and evey time you quit the MyCloud app it forgets the file structure and needs to download it all over again. Fortunately, you can download files you want instantly available, and it seems to buffer recently opened files to speed repeat openings.

  • Never, ever, do automatic firmware updates, either with Update now from the dashboard or having it automatically check and download at a preset time. I lost 2 drives that way. Lost in that they became toast and technical support recommended returning them (one hung indefinitely on an update, the other was somehow corrupted beyond redemption by the last, dreaded V4 update). Always download the file, and then update by uploading the file. That appears to work seamlessly. This may also be the answer for those asking how to roll back the firmware version: save the earlier file versions.

  • Along with drive performance, the Dashboard’s performance is also unpredictable. Some days it will update a page in seconds, others many minutes. Don’t try any action, including a reboot, until every item on that page is updated and highlighted appropriately. Often even selecting the Logout illicits no reaction for the longest time. Other days it’s almost instantaneous. I find the Dashboard so frustrating I dread using it, especially now that I have the system configured the way I like it.

In summary: I think it’s either underpowered (probably to meet its attractive price point), or released before its time without adequate software development and testing. Or both. When it works it works really well, with a nice feature set. Unfortuantely, I think it’s still a work in progress.