Buying Second Hand ? DS6100

Im currently looking to buy a NaS/backup unit for home small business and i found a ds6100 16tb 32GB ram that would be roughly 500$ US.

Looking more into this product i wonder why there are very little information (youtube video review online) how many unit has WD sold ? is it reliable ? can it be thinkered in case of failure !?

tanx for the insight !

While sales data is not available, there are many reviews and posts detailing the unit’s overall reliability. As for “tinkering”, it would depend the extent of the process itself since there are no official repair/maintenance documents available.

Why not take a look at the WD My Cloud EX4100 or PR4100 instead?

If you really want full image backups of your desktops the ds6100 will fill the bill. Any windows server product with essentials in the name does backups. If you just want a NAS as a place to put stuff you might find the DS quirky I am not sure what state it is in but it will be a domain controller and only uses certain hard drives for the OS Drive.

The thing i may have forgot to mention is the fact that since its gonna be in my home i feel it may have enough power under the belly to serve more purpose that i intended. i could put Plex media server in there, give access to people working from their home.

i only found couple of EX4100 in my region wish goes around 650$ US for a 24T so its more expansive and i wont need that much data for years …

again, I think the issue will be what state is the box currently in. The proper way to “reset” one of these is to boot into windows and select startup recovery options when restarting. From there you can select to lay down the base image and do a fresh install.

If they do not give you the password to boot into windows or they have not done a reset you will have to manually find and use the raid drivers and the WD “stuff” so the fans do not run at full speed all the time as well as getting a copy of windows server 2012R2 essentials

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That is very helpful ill need to make sure i have that the system can be restored prior of buying !

tanx very much

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Dear Gramps:
Can you give me a Marvel Raid driver(DS6100),I’m cann’t access the website [Removed due to privacy policy]
Thank you!


Anyone wants to sell the used DS6100 you have ? I want to buy DS6100 for my research purpose. Please contact me on this group or my email