Buying from staples on a gift card :/

I have a mybook live currently with one drive. I have a gift card I can only use at one store unfortuantely and it has about $300 so im looking to replace with a duo.

I want the new one to do the same as my old one.

I can make files and access them on my phone with the cloud app and wdphoto app and on my ipad…

which should I buy?

Do the cloud ones do the same thing ? I was looking at 


or which would you reccomend for the price range?

Thank you.

WDBLWE0040JCH  is NOT the same as a My Book Live Duo.

The later hasn’t been made for some time… it was replaced with the WD My Cloud Mirror and WD My Cloud EX2 NASes.

So if I’m looking to replace my mybook live and have the same accesses I should go with a my cloud mirror or a my cloud?

Correct. My Book Live series has been discontinued. All new similar products are My Cloud.